Patron  Jocelyn Cockburn


 Jocelyn Cockburn is a civil rights lawyer who works for law firm Hodge, Jones and Allen LLP.  The firm was founded in 1977 and has earned its unique reputation in the legal profession by representing ordinary people caught up in the most extraordinary events.  She is joint head of the firm’s Civil Liberties department and specialises in civil actions against the police and other public authorities, inquests and judicial reviews.

Jocelyn has represented many families of prisoners who have died in custody. Ms Cockburn also represented Neville Lawrence in a judicial review claim for failure to prosecute anyone for the murder of his son Stephen, as well as bringing a successful multiple stop and search claim against
the Metropolitan Police.

In recent years, Jocelyn has taken on cases for injured soldiers and for families of soldiers killed in the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts.   She was awarded outstanding case of the year at the Personal Injury Awards 2010 for her Supreme Court case which defined the application of the Human Rights Act to soldiers on active service abroad.  She has also been recognised for her work highlighting the use of poorly armoured Snatch Land Rovers and is currently testing whether the Ministry of Defence can rely on combat immunity to avoid suit.  In 2010, she was short listed for the Legal Aid Lawyer of the Year and Liberty Human Rights awards.