Current research

The BSRF is currently funding the following research projects. For further information on each project click on the read more button beside each title:

BACKBONE: Interdisciplinary Creative Practice and Body Positive Resilience  READ MORE
Development of a person-centred core outcome set for adolescents and young adults with spinal deformity undergoing surgery: creation of a meaningful long list of candidate outcome domains (SPINE-COS-AYA)  READ MORE
Wearable devices for the measurement of outcome in scoliosis READ MORE
Thoracic vertebral shape: comparison of scoliotic and non-scoliotic vertebrae using MR images and statistical shape modelling READ MORE


How does curve type and magnitude affect locomotor function in adolescent females with scoliosis? READ MORE
LCI Spine: Assessing Pulmonary Function in Early Onset Scoliosis Using Lung Clearance Index:  READ MORE




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