Scoliosis Priority Setting Partnership


We have now completed 4 out of the six stages of this process;

  1. Identification and invitation of potential partners
  2. Awareness raising
  3. Identifying treatment uncertainties,
  4. Refining questions and uncertainties.
  5. Prioritisation
  6. Dissemination

Stage 5 – Prioritisation

In January, 2017 the steering committee will enter the final stages of the psp. The committee will meet agree to a top 10 list of questions.

It is anticipated that the findings of the Scoliosis PSP will be reported to funding and research agenda setting organisations such as the NIHR and the major research funding charities including via the Association of Medical Research Charities (AMRC As well as alerting funders, partners and Steering Group members are encouraged to publish the findings of the Scoliosis PSP using both internal and external communication mechanisms such as via social media and Healthwatch.

Stage 6 Dissemination

In addition to alerting potential funders, the PSP will publish the findings using social media and Healthwatch. This report will continue to raise awareness of the work undertaken by the Scoliosis Priority Setting Partnership.



What questions do you have about scoliosis? Help us to make research relevant to you!

We want to find out what questions scoliosis research needs to answer, according to people of all ages with scoliosis, their family, friends and health professionals. 

We are asking you to complete a short survey (5-10 minutes approximately) to generate ideas. This will ultimately lead to a ‘top 10’ list of research questions to improve the health and wellbeing of people with scoliosis. 

The goal is to provide a clear direction for future scoliosis research so that funding can be targeted to the issues that people with scoliosis, their family, friends and health professionals have identified as priorities - and so that people with the condition will benefit. 

Scoliosis Priority Setting Partnership Survey


Previous February 2016

In late 2015 we had our first steering group meeting with the James Lind Alliance (part of the National Institute for Health Research) to work on a priority setting partnership (PSP). The PSP brings clinicians, patients, carers and researchers together to identify a top 10 list of research priorities to focus on in the future.

The partnership will investigate, discuss and outline research priorities into the diagnosis, management, and prevention of progression of scoliosis in the future. The aim of the partnership is to gather a wide range of views. This is an exciting opportunity that the BSRF is funding.

Many medical charities and organisations have already taken part in Priority Setting Partnerships for other areas of medicine e.g. Asthma, Depression, Dementia, Multiple Sclerosis. Further details and outcomes of their PSPs can be found at James Lind Alliance.

In the future, as a result of this initiative, we expect to be able to promote our research priorities to a wider range of potential researchers and to increase our levels of research funding.