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Although treatment exists, there is currently no cure for scoliosis and in the majority of cases, the cause remains unknown. Research is therefore vital to find out why this condition occurs and whether it can be prevented.

Scoliosis is a difficult condition to come to terms with at all ages. For young children it can mean multiple cast fittings and repeat surgery; adolescents may have to wear a brace or have spinal fusion at a time of life when such a diagnosis can be a major blow to self confidence; and in mature years pain and immobility can have a significant impact on a person’s quality of life.

However, research has led to huge advancements in scoliosis treatments over the years allowing patients to better manage their condition and enjoy much improved quality of life.

BSRF strives to stimulate and fund high-quality research into the causes and treatments of scoliosis. Each year, BSRF provides funding, subject to a formal application and review process, for those carrying out high-quality research into all aspects of scoliosis.

BSRF-funded research has provided better understanding of both the causes and treatment of scoliosis, resulting in earlier intervention and better treatment for patients.






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