The Bone & Joint Journal, formerly JBJS (Br)                      

The Bone & Joint Journal (BJJ),
formerly known as The Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery (British Volume), is published by
The British Editorial Society of Bone & Joint Surgery. The Society was established with the object of: 'The advancement and improvement of education in orthopaedic surgery and allied branches of surgery and the diffusion of knowledge of new and improved methods of teaching and practising orthopaedic surgery in all its branches'.

 Bone and Joint Spine Channel

Those with an interest in spinal deformity may find the Bone and Joint Spine Channel of particular interest. Visit for latest research from The Bone & Joint Journal, featured articles, and upcoming fellowships and meetings all related to the treatment of spinal disorders.

British Association of Spine Surgeons (BASS)    


BASS actively promotes the study of spinal disorders with particular attention to the surgical treatment of spinal disease and disorders.

 The British Orthopaedic Association (BOA)  


                     The British Orthopaedic Association’s mission is to bring relief to people                      suffering from injury or musculoskeletal disorder by advancing the                                science, art and practice of orthopaedic surgery.

 The British Scoliosis Society (BSS)      


  The BSS provides an open forum for scoliosis surgeons, scientists and   health care professionals to engage in debate about scoliosis aetiology,   pathogenesis and treatment and the presentation and encouragement     of scoliosis research.

  Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP)  


               The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy is a member-led organisation                    governed by an elected Council. They provide a wide range of member                  services and campaign on behalf of physiotherapists and the                                    physiotherapy profession.



    The aims of EuroSpine are to stimulate the exchange of knowledge and       ideas in the field of research, prevention and treatment of spine diseases     and related problems, and to coordinate efforts undertaken in European       countries for further development in this field.


  Foundation Cotrel - Institut de France                                                      


The foundation focuses on the aetiopathogeny of idiopathic scoliosis. It funds research programs that aim to identify the causes of idiopathic scoliosis, to predict their evolution and even better, prevent their appearance.

 Growing Spine Foundation   


                        The Growing Spine Foundation (GSF) was established by Behrooz A.                             Akbarnia, MD in 2009 to support spine-related research and education                             which relates to young children.  The foundation’s mission statement is                             to improve the global care of patients with Early Onset Scoliosis and                                 other deformities related to the growing spine and chest through                                       research, education and professional development.



 North American Spine Society (NASS)


           NASS is a multidisciplinary medical organisation dedicated to fostering the              highest quality, evidence-based, and ethical spine care by promoting                      education, research, and advocacy.



 National Scoliosis Foundation


The National Scoliosis Foundation is a US based, patient–led, non profit organisation, dedicated since 1976 to helping children, parents, adults, and healthcare providers to understand the complexities of spinal deformities such as scoliosis. Their focus is on promoting public awareness, providing reliable information, fostering ongoing research in                                                              the field, and educating and nurturing the community of those affected by                                                             scoliosis.

 Orthopaedic Research UK

                 Orthopaedic Research UK is a charitable organisation that funds high                    quality research into orthopaedic science.  They are an independent                      body dedicated to advancing orthopaedic knowledge, not just by                            funding and publicising research - but also by organising training and                      events which promote collaboration between orthopaedic surgeons,                        scientists and engineers.

 Scoliosis Association (UK) (SAUK) 


                        Founded in 1981, the Scoliosis Association (UK) is the only national                                 support organisation for people affected by scoliosis. As a charity they                             aim to provide advice, support and information to those affected by the                             condition as well as raise awareness among health professionals and the                         general public. In November 2006 Scoliosis Association (UK) became
                        affiliated with the BSRF.

 Scoliosis Research Society (SRS)


                      SRS is based in the US, this is a professional organisation, made up of                           physicians and allied health professionals. Their primary focus is on                                 providing continuing medical education for health care professionals and                         on funding/supporting research in spinal deformities.

 Society for Back Pain Research (SPBR)


The Society for Back Pain Research was formed to promote the study of all clinical and scientific aspects of spinal pain, including the neck, and to encourage research into its causes, treatment
and prevention.

 UK Spine Societies Board (UKSSB)


                  The UKSSB is an organisation composed of three national societies:                         Society for Back Pain Research (SBPR), British Scoliosis Society                             (BSS), and British Association of Spine Surgeons (BASS).  The object                     of the UKSSB is to promote the development of treatment of spinal                             disorders through education, study, and research for the benefit of the                         public.