SAUK 35th anniversary

21 January 2016

Scoliosis Association (UK) is 35 years old!

We are delighted to congratulate our sister charity Scoliosis Association (UK) on their 35 years of hard work in raising awareness and supporting patients and families affected by scoliosis.

SAUK was founded by Stephanie Clark and Ailie Harrison in 1981 to help support people with scoliosis and their families. In 35 years the membership has swelled to over 2,000 but the aims and purpose of the charity have not changed. SAUK continues to offer support through its helpline, health information and publications, membership network that allows people with scoliosis to connect and awareness raising.

In 2007 BSRF and SAUK became affiliated and have worked closely together ever since. They run a joint fundraising arm the Scoliosis Campaign Fund to raise money to improve the quality of life of people with scoliosis through support and funding research into better treatments.


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