21 June 2021

The British Scoliosis Research Foundation (BSRF) is a small medical charity which funds high-quality research into the causes and treatments of scoliosis, a lateral curvature of the spine which can affect all ages but is most common among adolescents.

The BSRF Board is now looking for a replacement Charity Trustee who will, on a voluntary unpaid basis, provide business, strategic development, financial and administrative services to enable the charity to fully achieve its goal of contributing to the discovery of the causes of scoliosis and to the improvement of the quality of life of all patients with scoliosis.

The Charity Trustee will work closely with the Chairperson of the BSRF Board, the Charity Director and other Trustees responsible for fund-raising, research grant administration and major research conference organisation. The Trustee will be specifically responsible for managing the Charity Director, charity governance management, Company secretarial duties, and the Treasury function.

The role would be suitable for someone with a strong business background, either in a marketing or financial function, with excellent communication skills, exceptional attention to detail and a proven track record of task completion. It would be suitable for someone working part-time and who wishes to get involved in the voluntary sector to give something back to society. A knowledge of scoliosis or an association with someone with scoliosis would be a useful advantage.

The role involves the equivalent of about one day a month’s work, and would require attendance at Board meetings, with some travel mostly to London but occasionally overseas.

The specific duties include:

1.      Leadership

a.       Setting work priorities for the Charity Director (shared with the Scoliosis Association (UK))

b.      Reviewing outcomes achieved and general performance of the Charity Director.

c.       Liaison with key personnel at the Scoliosis Association (UK) on personnel and office issues.

d.      Where necessary, interviewing of potential new employees shared with the Scoliosis Association (UK).


2.      Treasury

a.       Maintenance of a cashbook recording charity income and expenditure.

b.      Provision of full financial documentation to the Charity Accountants for their preparation of the Annual Accounts.

c.       Preparation of Treasurer’s Reports to the Board.

d.      Overseeing the Charity’s bank accounts and other investments.

e.       Reviewing investment strategy and making recommendations to the Board when appropriate.

f.        Assuring statutory filing of accounts and reports to Companies House and the Charities Commission.

g.       Ensuring adequate financial controls are in place to safeguard Charity funds.


3.      Secretarial/Governance 

a.       Preparation of agendas and minutes of Annual General Meetings.

b.       Maintaining a file of signed-off Board Meeting minutes.

c.        Follow-up on Board decisions requiring action from administrative staff and Board members.

d.       Regular review of latest Governance rules and regulation from the Charities Commission and the Association of Medical Research Charities.

e.       Recommending to the Board changes in organization and structure necessary to meet Good Governance requirements.

f.         When and where required, provision of reports to the Charities Commission, Companies House and the Association of Medical Charities on the activities of the BSRF.


If you are interested and feel you have the necessary experience and abilities, please send your CV to by the 31st of July, 2021.

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