Affiliation with SAUK

Scoliosis Association (UK)

In November 2006, BSRF became officially affiliated with the Scoliosis Association (SAUK). SAUK is the only UK patient support charity for people with scoliosis. Since the affiliation, both charities  work closely to improve quality of life for people with scoliosis through providing support and information and funding research into treatment.

The affiliation of the two charities centres around a joint fundraising venture, the Scoliosis Campaign Fund (SCF). All funds raised from SCF activities are equally split between the organisations and are used to help those affected by scoliosis. For more information or to help fundraise for us, please visit our support us section.

SAUK aims to provide advice, support and information to people affected by scoliosis and to raise awareness among health professionals and the general public. They offer support through a helpline, health information and publications, meetings and a membership service, which allows people with scoliosis to connect.  As a member you get access to a local support network and receive a twice yearly magazine Backbone. For more information about SAUK visit:

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